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(Left to Right: David, Jay, me [JW] and Matt)

After sumo wrestling with inflatable furniture.

Dead computer parts. Very dead.

David getting owned by Jay

This is the result of throwing heavy sharp objects: A dead Matt.

(NEC Dual 386-25MHz SMP Server Motherboard) + Hammers + energy = Fun + broken plastic

Me (left) and Jay (right) sumo-wrestling, with inflatable furniture.

Kyle. We put the biggest kid in the smallest corner of the room.

Kyle getting owned by David.

Matt getting a drive-by from someone.

After hammering the parts, we shot them with a paintball gun. "Is it live?"

Our setup. Left to right computers are Matt, Jay, mine, and David's; Left to right people are Jay, Kyle, me, and David.

That's only two computers and the switch.