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LAN Party 3 Pics

LAN Party 3 was held on March 20 and March 21 at Matt's house...It's bigger than most (okay all) of ours, so it's a little bit better for puting 8 people and 9 computers into.

Right-Click and Save Picture As... if you want a copy. For big (High-Res) pics, you can download them here: It's a split zip, each w/ 20 pics.


Matt-P3 733MHz
Tony-God knows what, something he bought.
Jay-Athlon, with big delta fans in the back. LOUD like a jet engine.
JW-Athlon 750 and a P2-350 for a "server" that didn't do much this time.
John-A slick looking Vaio. Don't know the speed though.
Kyle-Not a clue, but it wasn't as sucky as it usually is.
Mike-With a cool slot-loading drive.
David-a 533 workstation...that didn't like sharing files.

Minutes after arriving, things got interesting. Tony's sleeping bag got unrolled and taken over by the attack dog, Snowy.


We set up our network. Never did get SyGate running (Sorry-but if I'd uninstalled BellSouth it woulda been a MAJOR pain to get it working again at my house, cuz i don't know where the CDs are.) The networking stuff kinda crapped out in the middle of the night at around 2-not quite sure. The switch gets kinda warm, that mighta been the problem.


We put Mike, Tony, and John ...and Jay too actually, on fold-up tables...then they went and stole the good chairs! Damn them!


I have NO IDEA what Jay is doing here, but it looks like he's showing off his ass to the back of Tony's Head // or showing off his UberGamer shirt to David, who was over in that general direction.


Jay h4x0red Matt's computer, while David watched and laughed.


John had a few decent movies on his computer...I think he's Anime-ing right now, though.


Everyone (mostly) practiced the "Flamingo" stance w/ Matt's paintball gun. It's got a sweet anno on it.







We also had Airsoft fights with electronic blowback 92f Beretta replicas that shoot small plastic pellets.


and Matt was snipering from the roof, too:


The event was held in the big central room of Matt's house. Left-Jay, Tony. Left-top: Server. Right-Top: Matt, David...I'm the monitor facing away from Matt in the top right. Three more not visible.


The pillar made a perfect setup for ambushes during the event.


Late at night, when the network crapped out, we got really bored. Some people left to sleep/watch stuff elsewhere, some stayed and messed around down stairs. Tony and I pickedup BBs...and also built this:


Next LAN party will probably be in the summer some time. I'm hoping for one at my house but I don't know. I've got a room w/ more space in it, and TVs can be moved easily enough.