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LAN5 was held June 01-02 at J.W.'s house, the same place LAN 1 was. Lots of the problems of LAN 1 were corrected-there was a LOT more space, it wasn't quite as hot, there was more food, and so on. This was also the first LAN where we were able to make every computer talk to each of the other ones, and have Internet access-at the same time. Having a network of only NT machines definately helped this.

In attendence were:
JW (host, ghetto-rigged computer)
Matt (Dell with lots of viruses.)
Mike (Some computer with stickers for every processor ever made.)
David (Workstation thing.)
Jay (jet turbine fans)
(400MHz that he reformatted an hour before coming.)
John (Vaio with cool LEDs.)

This LAN had a lot less LAN games and a lot more random stuff than the previous 4 have had. We messed around with fire and fireworks for probaly about 4-5 hours at night, then shared files and watched movies for the rest of the night. That's not a bad thing, though-it was pretty cool.

Here's John. He's like, "WTF?" I think we leeched about 100GB of movies from him at the LAN.

This little switch has been at LANs 2, 3, 4, and now 5. It's the replacement for an old kludgy 10 megabit switch with a few more ports. This time it worked flawlessly-no overheating problems, no randomly disconnecting people.

Pyro activities were a big theme at the LAN. Matt is preparing to light something on fire here.

And here it is after it's lit on fire.

At this point, we started messing around with small fireworks-bottle rockets, M98s, saturn rocket launchers, and stuff like that. Then we went back to the old standby, non-dairy creamer (see the middle of the main page for more non-dairy pics of Matt.)

Lighting stuff on fire as a group. Lots of the pictures of this didn't come out that well, but these did. Left to right, Matt, David, and Jay. Barely visible behind the fireball is the bottle of stuff.

Our flames accidently got a bit too big and we got some kind of fire elemental or fire demon or something. It dispelled rather quickly, though.

Then, we proceded to pour rubbing alcohol on things and set THEM on fire. Alcohol fires are good because they're over in seconds-thats why you can light yourself on fire with little danger, because it burns off in a second before it can get your flesh. This is Mike on the skateboard, alcohol soaked on the bottom of it lit on fire.

Here's what happened when we started making bigger fireballs. The trunk is reinforced-perfect for using as a platform. No harm came to my car, the plants, or the driveway during the making of these pictures.

Mini-Mushroom Cloud! Sort of.

It looks like the fire is coming up out of the ground for no reason.

Here's Matt on the back of my car making flames shoot up like blowtorches. Pretty sweet.

This was the biggest fireball we made without standing on something.

And then we went skating, where we got this GREAT picture of Jay. Reminds me of the inflatable furnature fights from LAN 1.

After these events, the cameras were out of batteries, so we stopped taking pictures. It was pretty much a hand lighting festival and mostly harmless practical jokes-nothing that did any lasting damage passed the "WTF?" effect when first noticed.

LAN 6 for some people is going to be the middle of July; there may be one before then.