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Lan Part 2 pics

This was held at Matt's house this time. A bit more space and better chairs than at my house, definately lots of fun. Next one...Jay's house? or Mine? or Matt's again? We'll see.

6 comps for 5 people. a 350Mz P2 served Half-Life dedicated server and also routed net connections, and everyone else had awesome systems, except for Kyle, who's is old and slow.

Tony's computer, with a slot-load DVD and LIVE!Drive. Pretty cool.


Kyle can't find the "Any" key on the keyboard

We accidently crashed every computer at the LAN with a bluescreen. OOPS!

We pirate software! Wait...that's bad, right?

Jay getting owned in his sleep by that huge pillow. 4AM?

(front to back) Jay, mine, and Matt's computers. You can sorta see the server in the back left.

RETARD FIGHTS!!! Like cripple fights, cept better.

I look like a daemon here...whatever. They all got owned.

Written on Kyle's forehead, while he was sleeping. And he didn't wake up!