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Innoruuk's Revenge (or was it?)

Last night, Wedensday 6/27 to 6/28, I went back to the Plane of Hate to get some revenge on the mobs that left me with negative experience last time.

We zoned in, the zone had been cleared about 23+1/2 hours ago, and it was on a 24 hour respawn, so it was clear when we zoned up but we weren't without action either. Our battle plan called for us to go and kill stuff on the second floor, the "new" part of the zone.

We were all invis and porting in 1 group at a time - good thing that Hate had only partially respawned when we were up, so the mobs in the back were ready but the ones near the entrence were gone, making it easy to get in.

Some interesting atmospheric messages in the Plane of Hate...

I actually dealt the killing blow do this Ire Ghast (see the first PoH pictures for a pic of him)!

Shearer, our pulling monk, was having connection our enchanter decided to slow him down even more. Bah! :)

On the road again, to the Maestro of Rancor room.

Here's the miniboss BEFORE the miniboss of the zone...however that works. This guy is a big spectre enchanter-necro who gravity fluxes, mana drains, and such.

The Clerics that attended him also came to join the party.

This is what the flesh eating virus will do to you - be careful!

He also brought out his chest of drawers to join the fight...figures.

A good cleric shield dropped, some Wis and +10 all saves.

Engaging the Maestro of Rancor...

That thing in his hand looks like a Yak but it's really a bard only sword that acts as all instruments.

Cool cape.

And this is where he lived.

And then I died.


And then I got rezzed.

Then I won my planar arms.

Then I left.

<shrug> better luck next time.