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April 30, 2002

Hmm. I'm not sure what to report. Weekend was pretty decent I guess. Fun Depot w/ some old friends on Friday night after work, then worked most of Saturday and Sunday. Payday on the 6th will be a decent amount of money, probably like $120-ish. About $60 will go for paintball (paint mostly) from Jerry Leslie's, the rest towards a new computer. Ohh wait...the first paycheck of the month is where I have to pay insurance. Well we'll see then it'll probably be mostly gone before I even get it.

I've got about $230 saved for a computer.


I'm estimating that it'll cost me $800. $220 board (Tiger MPX), 2x$140 processors totaling $280 (AMD AXPs w/ L5s bridged), 1GB of DDR for $180...$80 of fans (ACK!!!) and a $170 Sub-Server case w/a 350W PS yields $930...maybe I'd go w/ a less expensive case...There's a 12-bay full tower that is only $70 with a bigger p/s lowering the total cost to $860. Fun fun fun...most of my summer paychecks will go to this computer, but it'll last for a LOOONG time.

School was interesting today-I took my camera to school and took pics of people/classes that I go to. They're pretty generic (Mr. Harr took a pic of me for some reason...crazy guy) and I took pics of Matt, being crazy as usuaul.

Fire is fun. Totally harmless, too-it's just a flashfire.


April 21, 2002

Just got back from a LAN party that was on Apr. 19-Apr. 20. Lots of fun there-read about it on the Lan Party 4 section After getting back I slept for like 18 hours. Only woke up once when someone called my cell phone, I stayed up for about 10 minutes, then back to bed. Got woken up at 10-something in the morning by parents saying "Get ready we are going to church in a half hour." and was like, WTF, I'm sleeping. Ohh well, 18 hours is enough sleep I guess.

Got my paycheck yesterday, $90-ish. Now it's time to start getting parts for my new computer. What do you think? I have a choice of two boards-there's a dual AMD board (Tyan Tiger) w/ integrated LAN and 64bit PCI slots, or there's an ABIT board with onboard 5.1 surround sound, LAN, 6 USB1.1 ports, 2 USB2.0 ports, 2 Firewire ports, 6 IDE channels (12 drives), pinheaders for more of all of the above ports, but only 1 processor slot. I'm leaning towards the Dual-Socket A board, but the huge IO board is very, very tempting.

No pictures today because they have their own section. If you want to discuss, use my guestbook or my General Discussion forum at the top of the page.

April 18, 2002


I had Matt and David over in the afternoon, we hung out, and messed around with my Intel webcam, making cool videos of flinging ourselves at high speed onto my bed. Videos will be available soon on Matt's web site, and I'll post the highlight pictures a little bit lower on the site.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a LAN party at John's house. Never had one there before, and it'll probably be with people I don't know, like from his school. Of course, most really "good" LANs are like that, with people who are kind of random.

Now, for the pictures:

Matt's getting excited about something...

Flinging myself off my sister's scooter onto my bed. First try...

And the second try. 00000000000wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Here's Matt at it.

And again, he looks freaked out in this one.

And here goes David, LOL!

Vid clips from the web cam will be up relatively soon on Matt's web site. Go check it out in the mean time.


April 17, 2002

Well I don't know quite what to say here. I just got back from the National Honor Society induction. Everyone went up on stage, shook Mrs. Cozi's hand and took a candle lit from the Candle of Wisdom in their 5-pronged thingy. Filed down, lined up, recited the insanely long pledge like a cult, and blew out the candles. Then left. The entire thing took about an hour. It was both better and worse than I expected-I was kind of hoping it would have more ceremony to it, but glad it was super-short, cuz I was going to go crazy listening to people with unpronouncable names giving speeches that could have been plaragized off of each other.

I also fixed up my TV tuner setup finally. The Cable Descrambler doesn't work on my cable system...something about the dBA being too low and the signal degrades or something (Whatever) but it's unuseable, it does work though. So I got 25-feet of shielded Cat5 cable and gold-plated connectors, and have a nice 30-ish foot antenna in my room now for my TV card, which means I get decent reception. I can also record the TV to DivX format...only problem is, its 200MB/minute w/ sound. I'm working on getting it lower...

And finally for today, there's a message board you can talk about this site's content on. An article particularely interest you? Talk about it. Have a problem with (or agree with) my stance on religious matters? Tell me in the message board. I'm hoping people will have fun with it.

Now, for the pics. This one happens to be a friend of mine being just a LITTLE bit too descriptive with what he's doing in his away messages. Name blurred to protect the not-quite-innocent.

And while we're on that subject...Read this, it's very interesting.


April 11th, 2002

Today was a test in Spanish. The prompt was that your friend was coming over, and you had to suggest things to do together in a "letter" style format, like an e-mail. So I wrote about going to the mall and robbing all the stores, and having girls over. I get away with this type of thing because even if I don't have the highest grades, I make some of the more intelligent contributions to the class...or at least can answer the questions I'm asked even while sleeping.


Been mega bored lately-my paintball gun stopped working properly, but I'm going on Saturday anyway. Probably going to get it fixed soon. Taking it to Jerry Leslie's store in Jupiter, I trust them, unlike Mike's paintball. Bloody Machette on Saturday, lots of people who shouldn't be allowed near a paintball gun are coming, such as, well, I won't say names. But lighting their sorry asses up will be pretty fun.

Which reminds me, taxes are due April 15th. That's this Monday. That means if I don't have them postmarked by Monday I'm in some shit. That's a bad thing. Maybe my mom took it to the post office already, I don't know, I haven't seen the form since I let her look at it to make sure I filled it out right (first time doing it.) $50 refund will be nice...$107 + 50 = $157, + some more from selling Magic cards to Zach = $207-ish, which is nearly enough for what I am buying for my next computer: A Tyan Tiger MPX AMD760 board w/ onboard LAN. for the low price of $215 + shipping. Awesome deal, really...and by the end of the summer, I'll have the DDR and the processor(s) for it too.

I made this in Bryce 4 the other day:

It's a christmas-ball type thing...with a mountain torus inside of it. Interesting. But this is really my first attempt at using booleans to do anything serious like modeling new objects, such as I did for the base of this thing. Maybe I'll get ambitious and add ridges or something next time, heh.

And finally-my elite TV tuner card came the other day. This means: I watch airwave channels and FM radio on my computer (and with some software, non-encrypted cable channels too!) The setup is all across my room now, held on with butterfly clips and twist ties:

Pardon the fish, they're just really cool :) The y-shaped clear antenna is for the FM Radio, the black one attached to the 12-foot coax is for the TV. The hard drives hanging and directly in front of the computer are IBM 75GXP hard drives, that's my skateboard and backpack to the right.

Comments? Questions? E-mail me, or call 1-800-UP-YOURS.

April 4th, 2002

Happy Birthday goes out to Matt today, hehe.

Long time no updates...let's see what's going on. Report card wasn't bad but not great either - 3 As, 3 Bs, and a C in pre-calc. Figures. Ohh well, not bad.

I've got lots of el33t computer stuff, too-a WinTV Capture card that does Coax-Decode, two IBM hard drives I got for $13 and can get replaced so they work for free...lotsa fun stuff. Finally, my collection of old and outdated hardware is going to be worth something.

Church gets more and more pointless every time I go. Sunday = not a big deal, whatever, but Wedensday, I'm sorry, dumb, and I'm not gonna start going on a different day. It's a waste of my time enough when they are talking religious stuff, but when they don't even bother with that, just do some wierd skits and things, it's unbearable. Zz zz zz zz zz...Church on Easter w/ a 102 fever wasn't fun either. Maybe I got some of the people sitting next to me sick...? Dunno. It was some rather large asian kid who kept rubbing his nose.

Time for funny pictures!

And here's another varient of the Domo-Kun pictures. Okay it's getting kinda old...this is the last one, I promise.


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