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The Biohazard Cam

Live (Updated every 30 seconds) view of the site operator. This will continue until he gets tired of being watched, has a picture that shouldn't exist put onto the web site, or the trial version of the software runs out (10 days.)

The webcam is unavailable when being used for recording still video/still image capture of objects the owner choses. Only one app can use the cam at a time, and the offline app is always going to come first. Buy me a CS330 webcam and I'll have this one up 24/7.

Just a note. If the pic is pitch black, it means that it's night and I'm asleep, so my light is off. It doesn't mean the camera isn't on.

If the pic is dated, it means either my computer was turned off, my internet connection broke, or the camera had to be temporarely retasked to a higher priority. In any case, it'll be back soon.

Refresh the page for the most recent image.

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